Concluding Thoughts

Ultimately, this collaborative effort involved multiple scales of analysis, from the specific moment of a child being interred over a rabbit to the climate changes across the entire Iberian Peninsula over several thousand years. While comprehensive, these projects do not constitute a complete understanding of the past, nor is such an understanding truly possible. However, through the combined efforts of many archaeologists, and different kinds of archaeologists, we can create a narrative, a coherent story, of the past based on a range of evidence and our interpretations of that evidence.

There are many thousands of archaeologists around the world. Some of them work at universities and research institutions, others work for the government, and some work for private companies. The practice of archaeology can vary greatly by country. One can get involved in archaeology by contacting local universities or your State Archaeologist. Perhaps you might be interested in pursuing archaeology professionally. If so, here are a few resources to get you started:

About Archaeology

Society for American Archaeology

Archaeological Institute of America